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“green thumb”

a knack for growing things and keeping them healthy

Who We Serve

We have digital marketing tools and services that benefit small to medium businesses and non-profits. Choose from do-it-yourself tools to arm your marketing team, or have one of our Social Media Partners manage it for you!


Small to Medium Business

It's a fact that Big Business spends millions each year to get to consumers through our socially connected world. What about the little people? Small to Medium Businesses and Non-Profits don't have access to big marketing teams, robust social media tools and that big marketing impact without a big marketing spend, until now...



We know you work hard to advance your mission and make a difference in the world, and we appreciate you for it! Social Green Thumb will provide the same social media tools available to others at a significant discount to your organization as our way of helping you to help others!


Join Our Team!

We’re looking for creative, entrepreneurial self starters who have a passion for winning and want to help others win too!

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