It's a fact that our society spends a lot of time with their faces in their devices (like it or not).

It's a fact that Big Business spends millions each year to get to their consumers through those devices.

What about the little people? Small Businesses and Non-Profits don't have access to big marketing teams, robust tools and that big marketing spend, until now.

Introducing SOCIAL GREEN THUMB, a platform that was built with the smaller organizations in mind.

We offer Social Media Mgmt, Marketing tools and Support for Small & Medium businesses and Non-profits.

  • GROW engagement with social media management & strategy

  • GROW sales with social “deals” and digital coupons

  • GROW prospects with social contests & prospect list builders

  • GROW impressions with email marketing integration

  • GROW reviews with reputation monitoring & review automation

  • GROW your marketplace with social shopping carts

  • GROW your market knowledge with social analytics

  • GROW your business!